Bachelor/Master Seminar: Softwaretechnik (Winter term 2022/23)

Module Information

  • Module: “Software Engineering (Seminar)” (Bachelor: 89-3311, Master: 89-3372), or the respective software engineering seminar in the old study regulations.
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 working hours)
  • Level: Bachelor and Master
  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Annette Bieniusa
  • Organisation: Albert Schimpf


The registration process is finished.

Since the number of students that can attend is limited, we identified the following seminars that you can attend instead, for the same specialization (Software Engineering, SE):

Specialization „Embedded Systems and Robotics":
Seminars: Embedded Systems and Robotics (already listed for SE),  Cyber-Physical Systems, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Compositional Techniques for Synthesis and Verification
Projects: Service Robots and Assistance Systems , Applied Verification (already listed for SE), Model based development of Embedded Systems, Smart Factory Design

Specialization „Distributed and Networked Systems":
Seminars: Communication Systems, Mobile Computing
Projects: Development of Networked Systems, Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems, Design of Secure Distributed Systems

Specialization „ Visualization and Scientific Computing ":
Seminars: Scientific Computing, Visualisation and HCI
Projects: Visualisation and HCI